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It's been long since some colleagues and me "achieve" our unfinished Red Atlas I project. A full hackaton weekend trying to do a strategic game and the full weekend deep inside PhaserJS, our bet on free game frameworks and engines.

Phaser 2 CE & Webpack 3
I liked Phaser framework and I wanted to come back to this framework, so now here I am again, working with an idea of #isometric #RPG. Well, not now, Phaser released its 3.x version and webpack is in its 4.x version. I started this idea some time before, using Phaser 2 CE and Webpack 3.x and it looks like is not easy to migrate to Phaser 3 now for me. The future will say...

As I re-started this idea many times searching for a good architectural approach to work with this toolchain I decided recently to upload and share the boilerplates I used to start. I hope it helps someone!

Boilerplate for 2D games
Boilerplate for Isometric games

Posted on 4th Nov, 2018 by applicant42

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